About EASA

FFLC Current Projects

Here are the types of projects the EASA Family & Friends Leadership Council is working on. If you’d like to contribute, let us know. We’d love to have your help! You can get up to date information on these projects by subscribing to our Family & Friends CONNECT e-list here: Subscribe link coming soon!

Communication - we’re working on improving communication between providers and families, so that:

  • Providers understand what families need and want to know.
  • Families understand their options and how to give input.
  • Channels of communication are clear and easy to access.

Education - the more families know, the more they can be engaged, so we're focusing our work on:

  • Resources for understanding the nature and treatment of psychosis.
  • Orientation to EASA through the Family & Friends Manual, EASA statewide website, local county EASA resources, and other supportive information geared to families and friends.
  • Introduction to the history of EASA, its funding, and its future.

Inclusion - we advocate for increased understanding about how the whole family and extended social network is impacted by psychosis.

  • Greater visibility for impacted family members.
  • Resources oriented for siblings and other family members.
  • Provider awareness of family needs.
  • Highlighting contributions family members make to recovery and health for everyone.
  • Sharing Family & Friends experiences with EASA program providers in order for them to understand the program from our perspectives.

Growth - alumni and their families have a lot to offer once they've been through the full cycle of EASA. We're looking to engage alumni to provide input on:

  • Developing an exit interview protocol so program providers can learn from us and so future participants can benefit from our experience.
  • HIPAA-compliant channels for alumni family peer support.
  • A community that speaks on behalf of family and friends' perspectives to the EASA Center for Excellence, state and county governments, local EASA program providers, and other allied organizations.

Is there a project or initiative you think would be helpful to families and friends involved in EASA? Please contact us at fflc@ohsu.edu.