About EASA

Multnomah County

Multnomah Co. Mental Health & Addiction Services

Lincoln Building:
421 SW Oak St., Suite 520
Portland, OR 97204
Main Office Phone: 503-988-3272
Fax: 503-988-5870

Rockwood Community Health Center:
2020 SE 182nd Ave. #L104
Portland, OR 97233
Main Office Phone: 503-988-3272

For more info on Multnomah County EASA, please contact Leticia Sainz at leticia.sainz@multco.us.

Referrals: (503) 988-3272

If you or someone you care about is having a mental health crisis, please call:

(503) 988-4888 or toll free 1-800-716-9769

Interested in volunteering with Multnomah County EASA? It's a great way to gain experience, educate the community, share your story, advocate for youth, and build your resume! Check out their flyer!

Name Title Contact Info
Leticia Sainz Program Supervisor

Mobile: (503) 793-3184
E-mail: leticia.sainz@multco.us

Sonja Miller Direct Clinical Services Manager

Phone: 503.988.8264
E-mail: sonja.g.miller@multco.us

Angela Petrjanos Primary Screener

Phone: 503-572-1422
E-mail: angela.petrjanos@multco.us

Neil Falk, MD Psychiatrist

Messages: (503) 988-4888
E-mail: neil.falk@multco.us

Dr. Leigh Hedrick Child Psychiatrist

Phone: (503) 988-6818

Alexandra Rieman Supported Employment Specialist

Phone: 503.313.0084
E-mail: alexandra.rieman@multco.us

Marrissa Gottlob, MOTR/L, QMHP Occupational Therapist

Phone: 971.777.3109
E-mail: marrissa.gottlob@multco.us

Tim Casebeer Peer Support Specialist

Mobile: (971) 806-9607
E-mail: tim.casebeer@multco.us

Sali Borchman, RN Nurse

Phone: (503) 849-3365
E-mail: sali.j.borchman@multco.us

John Anderson, ACSW, CADC-II Mental Health Consultant

Phone: 503.680.7360
E-mail: john.k.anderson@multco.us

Keri Ault Mental Health Consultant

Phone: 503-793-4677
E-mail: keri.l.ault@multco.us

Megan Sage Mental Health Consultant (Bi-Lingual English & Spanish)

Phone: 503-422-5640
E-mail: megan.sage@multco.us

Robert Janz Mental Health Consultant

Phone: (503) 793 - 0760
E-mail: robert.janz@multco.us

Kristine Dale Office Assistant

Phone: 503.988.8274
E-mail: kristine.dale@multco.us