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Washington County

LifeWorks NW
14255 SW Brigadoon Ct.
Beaverton, OR 97005
Main Office Phone: 503-641-1475
Fax: 503-641-8548

Referrals: 503-705-9999

If you or someone you care about is having a mental health crisis, please call:
If the person is enrolled in EASA: 1-877-304-4317
If the person is not enrolled in EASA: 503-291-9111



Phone & Email

Cara Sams, MA, LPC
Cara Sams, MA, LPC

Program Director
EASA and TAYIS Programs
LifeWorks Northwest

Phone: 503-641-1475, Ext. 1249
Mobile: 503-536-5092
E-mail: cara.sams@lifeworksnw.org

Debbie Gross
Debbie Gross

Medical case manager

Phone: 503-641-1475, Ext. 3160
E-mail: debrag@lifeworksnw.org

Roxanne Capparelli
Roxanne Capparelli

Independent Living Skills & Housing Specialist

Melanie Swallow
Melanie Swallow

Service coordinator/therapist

Phone: 503-641-1475
Mobile: 503-593-6582
E-mail: melanies@lifeworksnw.org

Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas

Supported education specialist

Phone: 503-484-6581
E-mail: david.thomas@lifeworksnw.org

Yulya Nakleushev
Yulya Nakleushev

Service coordinator/therapist

Phone: 503-641-1475, Ext. 3832
Mobile: 503-841-4101
E-mail: yulyan@lifeworksnw.org

Erika Siegel, MSW, CADC-1
Erika Siegel, MSW, CADC-1

Service coordinator

Phone: 503-641-1475, Ext. 3829
Mobile: 503-710-0570
E-mail: erika.siegel@lifeworksnw.org

Justin Lee
Justin Lee

Supported employment specialist

E-mail: justin.lee@lifeworksnw.org

Dacia Davison
Dacia Davison

Occupational therapist

Phone: 503-641-1475 ext. 3835
Mobile: 503-553-9502
E-mail: dacia.davison@lifeworksnw.org

Eva Sripada, LMHNP
Eva Sripada, LMHNP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Prescriber

E-mail: eva.sripada@lifeworksnw.org

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