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Resources for Living

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Community Resources

Project ABLE: A Better Life Experience
Project ABLE is a great friend of EAST and a fantastic place to both volunteer and to gain support and knowledge: Click HERE to visit their website.

Oregon GEAR UP
Wondering how to pay for college? For lots of great resources, click HERE to visit Oregon GEAR UP.

County Resource Directory - 211Info
211info is a private, non-profit organization that maintains a website of Oregon and SW Washington community information that is searchable by county. Click HERE to visit the website.

Employment Resources

Oregon Employment Department
    Check out the Oregon Employment Department's website to learn more about living wage jobs in your community: www.oregon.gov/EMPLOY
    You can use the "Occupation Explorer" tool to search for high-wage, high demand positions, to see what kind of training you need, and to see who's hiring. Visit Occupation Explorer here: www.qualityinfo.org/olmisj/OCX

Resume Writing
Want some awesome ideas about writing your resume? Thinking about when and whether to disclose a disability? Click HERE to visit Think Beyond the Label's website for some great ideas.

U.S. Department of Labor's Disability Program Navigator (DPN) Initiative
   Provides information for employers and individuals with disabilities who are seeking or maintaining employment or training: https://disability.workforce3one.org

What Career Should You Choose? 
    Visit "Reality Check", sponsored by the Oregon Career Information System. It will walk you through the decisions you will need to make about the lifestyle you want to live, and help you decide what career will support that lifestyle: http://oregonrealitycheck.org You will need your CIS (Career Information System) password to access this site. Check with your EASA team to obtain the EASA password.

Financial Assistance

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) Match Your Savings 3:1!
    IDAs are a useful tool for low income individuals interested in purchasing, repairing or modifying a home, saving for school or training, or purchasing equipment or technology in support of an employment plan.
    Participants select an asset goal, attend financial education classes and save to achieve their savings goal.
    For more information, visit the Neighborhood Partnership Fund’s website at http://ida.tnpf.org

Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation
NEDCO is a private, non-profit Community Development Corporation that has a history of helping neighborhoods and families build assets through homeownership, neighborhood revitalization, and business development. Visit NEDCO's website at www.nedcocdc.org

Oregon Tax Exemption Information
Click HERE for Oregon tax exemption information for parents with students who are on IEPs.

Telephone Assistance (PDF)

Health Care

Sex Education

"The Sex Talk" - An entertaining and informative video by Thomas Ridgewell that provides basic sex education.

Nutrition Information (PDF)

A collection of useful info and articles on how to keep your mind and body healthy through good nutrition.

Legal System

Emerging Adults. Psychosis, and the Legal System
Posted March 2015
Maria Bonacci, Michelle Roberts, Elinor Taylor, Tamara Sale


Insurance Advocacy for Consumers (PDF)

Insurance Appeal Resource
The Oregon Insurance Division now has an online guide explaining how to appeal a health insurance claim that is denied by your insurance company. The guide can be found HERE.

Insurance Reform for Youth Adults
Young adults under 26 now qualify to remain on their parents' health isurance. For more information, visit: http://www.hhs.gov/ociio/regulations/adult_child_fact_sheet.html

Options for Insurance

1. Private insurance through an employer or higher education institution. Insurance coverage should be an important consideration in choosing an employer.

2. Private or military-sponsored insurance as a dependent
  • If a person is dependent on parents and under the age of 24, they are usually eligible for insurance under their parents’ coverage.
  • If a person is over age 24 and disabled, many plans have a provision for continuing insurance. Review your plan to see if this applies to you. Documentation from a psychiatrist will be required.
3. Oregon Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP). This program provides a subsidy based on income for uninsured adults to obtain insurance coverage. If you have been without insurance for six months or longer, FHIAP can pay up to 95% of the premium for you to get insurance. FHIAP will pay for employer-sponsored coverage if this is available; if you don’t have employer-sponsored coverage available, FHIAP has a list of private insurance plans which they will help pay for. People who are coming off of the Oregon Health Plan are eligible immediately without waiting six months. For more information, go to: http://egov.oregon.gov/IPGB/FHIAP/ , or call 1-888-564-9669.

4. Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP). OMIP offers coverage for people who have been turned down for insurance due to a medical condition or who have lost their eligibility for health insurance after leaving an employer (you must apply within 63 days of losing health insurance to be eligible). For more information, see www.oregon.gov/OHA/OPHP/OMIP/index.shtml

5. Oregon Health Plan or “OHP” (See http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/healthplan/ or call 1-800-359-9517).
  • Oregon Health Plan Standard. This program provides health insurance to people based on income. However, the number of people covered is limited due to legislative budget cuts. Call to check on whether it is possible to apply.
  • Oregon Health Plan Plus.
    This program provides coverage for people who:
    • Are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for a disability and have no other insurance.
    • Qualify under “Presumptive Disability” (formerly General Assistance; the financial benefit of General Assistance was eliminated by the legislature, but the insurance benefit remains). This category is for people who have applied for SSI and are waiting for their application to be processed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Once you have submitted an application to SSA, call your local Senior and Disabled Services Office and ask to apply for “Presumptive Disability” or “General Assistance”.
    • Qualify under the “Employed Persons with Disabilities” (EPD) program: People who meet the federal definition of disability but who are now working and earning a minimum level of income are eligible for EPD, which provides OHP Plus. For more information go to http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/spwpd/empserv.shtml#epd. The application process goes through Senior and Disabled Services Division.
    • Qualify under another category such as foster child or Child Health (applications directly to OHP; if you call OHP, they can help you sort out whether you qualify).


Affording Medications (PDF)

Immigrant Support

Immigration Legal Services (PDF)
Legal Services

Servicios Legales en español (PDF)
en español: Servicios Legales


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