Why do I feel this way?

Are you or someone you know...

Seeing or hearing things that other people don't, like shadows in the corner of your eyes?

Having unusual thoughts, like experiencing the TV, Internet, or music sending you special messages?

Having a lot more energy than usual and racing thoughts, so much that you can't sleep for days?

Are these things bothering you or causing you to be concerned?

You may be experiencing symptoms of psychosis. Psychosis is a lot more common than you think. You are not alone.

The Early Assessment and Alliance (EASA) can help. EASA provides information and support to young people experiencing symptoms of psychosis for the first time.

  • State of EASA Forum

    Join EASA participants, graduates, families, and staff at the first ever State of EASA Forum, November 3rd from 1pm-4:30 pm, with a bowling party to follow. We want to celebrate the past, present and future of EASA, and kickoff the Nov. 4th - 5th joint EASA/ORCA Conference. This event is free to all who want to participate. Register today!

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    Calendar of Events

    See our calendar of events, which includes staff trainings, EASA meetings, and opportunities to become involved.

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    Help When You Need It

    Help When You Need It was created by a family member of a person experiencing mental health challenges. It has 350,000 listings of both private and public resources: including VA, housing, food pantries, women's shelters, mental health agencies, homeless shelters, domestic violence advocacy, and much more. It's easy - just enter your zip code and find the resources near you!

Need Help Now?

Call 911, go to the emergency room, or call the local crisis line services if you need them.

Local Crisis Lines

Most counties in Oregon have their own local crisis line. Click on the county's name below to go to its page on this website that includes its phone number for crisis line services.

This list is arranged alphabetically by county

For a complete list of crisis contacts within Oregon, please visit the Oregon.gov list of crisis services

Find Help in Oregon

Are you or someone you know a young person experiencing psychosis? Please call these numbers to make an appointment with your nearest EASA team to receive information and support:

  • Baker County: (541) 523-3646
  • Clackamas County: (503) 710-8843
  • Clatsop County: (503) 325-5722 Ext. 201 or ask for Christie Taylor at (503) 298 7416
  • Columbia County: (503) 397-5211, Ext. 282 or 1-800-294-5211, Ext. 282
  • Deschutes, Crook, & Jefferson Counties: (541) 322-7576 
  • Douglas County: (541) 440-3532
  • Hood River, Wasco, & Sherman Counties: (541) 386-2620 x 4330
  • Jackson County: (541) 770-7744
  • Josephine County: (541) 244-3138 or (541) 244-3103
  • Klamath County: (541) 883-1030
  • Lane County:  (458) 205-7070
  • Linn County: (541) 967-3866 Ext. 2612 or (541) 967-3866 Ext. 2794
  • Malheur County: (541) 889-9167 x225
  • Marion County: (503) 576-4690
  • Multnomah County: (503) 988-3272
  • Polk County: (503) 385-7417
  • Tillamook County: (503) 842-8201 or (800) 962-2851
  • Umatilla County: 541-276-6207 (Pendleton) or 541-567-2536 (Hermiston)
  • Union County: 541-962-8853 or 541-962-8873
  • Wallowa County: (541) 426-4524 x1013
  • Washington County: (503) 705-9999
  • Yamhill County: (503) 583-552

Find Help in the U.S.

If you or someone you know is a young person experiencing psychosis outside Oregon, the Early Intervention for Psychosis Program Directory v.3 features a nationwide listing of programs. It is up to date as of October 14th, 2015.